How to Shine Your ShoesThere are hundreds of different regimens (the

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How to Shine Your Shoes

There are hundreds of different regimens (the Styleforum shoe are thread is both a goldmine and a maze) but here mine. Keep in mine every shoe company and manufacture of care products will mulberry daria have different answers.

Brush any dust and dirt off with a horsehair brush. I use a soft used toothbrush for the welt and creases.

I use a slightly damp cloth to remove stains and dirt spots. Let dry.

If mulberry handbag outlet its been a while (usually 2 3 times a year of any time I feel my shoe is getting dry) I use Allen Edmonds Cleaner/Conditioner on the shoes. A few squirts on a rag and spread it around, both cleans and moisturizes the shoe. Let cheap christian louboutin shoes dry for a few hours. This will take some wax off and is somewhat oily so expect to use a dedicated rag for each color of shoe for this.

Wax polish I use Kiwi wax polish for black, brown, and burgundy shoes. I hear Saphir louboutin wedding shoes is better so im planning on upgrading when i run out. This hard wax polish ill dab on with a small horsehair dauber, rub in using small circles, then let dry as I move on to the other shoe. Then using a rag or microfiber cloth roger vivier store polish off the excess after it dries for 10 min or so for a shine. I may use 1 2 coats on the whole shoe, maybe one more for the tow where it important to shine out scuffs. For my tan/walnut shoes I use Allen Edmonds cream polish, roger vivier flats which is not a wax but a tube of creamy dyed polish. This ill also apply with a dedicated dauber then buff out, but it resembles paint more than the crayon like consistency of wax polish. The process is mostly the same, though.

I mbt outlet also use a spit shine on the toe, but that for another post.

For the edge of the sole of the shoe ill use sole dressing dye black, brown, or burgundy depending on the shoe to match the original. The Allen mbt scarpe outlet Edmonds travel size ones will last forever, have a built in applicator, and are cheap as hell.

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