How to Prevent Losing Toenails From ExercisingPressure placed on the

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How to Prevent Losing Toenails From Exercising

Pressure placed on the toes during exercise may cause irritation or damage christian louboutin pigalle 120 to the nail that result in toenail loss. This condition is common in runners, who refer to it as runner toe. Some factors that cause toenail christian louboutin outlet uk loss include toenail length, shoe fit and foot moisture. Be aware of the pain you are experiencing and adjust your shoes or socks discount christian louboutin to alleviate the problem. Consult with your doctor if you continue to lose toenails, have excessive pain in the toes or have a toe infection mbt shoes that does not heal.

Step 1

Trim your toenails so the edge is straight across and just above the nail bed. Cutting mbt online your nails too short or with curved sides will increase the risk of infection or ingrown toenails. Perform regular toenail maintenance to mbt shoes for women keep them at the proper length.

Step 2

Wear socks made from wick material to keep the feet dry during exercise and reduce mbt shoes for men the chance of blister formation around the toenail. Not all socks labeled as athletic have wicking properties. Look for socks made from mbt footwear merino wool or synthetic fabrics such as polyester or acrylic that have been specially designed to keep moisture away from your feet.

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