How to Splatter Paint a Pair of Tennis ShoesSplatter painting is a

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How to Splatter Paint a Pair of Tennis Shoes

Splatter painting is a type of freestyle painting in which you throw paint at an object to create a unique, visually pleasing design. Almost anything can be splatter painted, including the clothes you wear. To splatter paint a roger vivier flats pair of canvas shoes or even a canvas bag, these instructions will help. Supply list

Acrylic paints. Splatter painting on shoes can be done with acrylic tube paint purchased from an art supply store, or small cans of acrylic paint from a local paint store.

An assortment of mbt outlet brushes. Cheap, paint store "bristle" brushes will work for this project. A 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 2 inch wide brush should provide you will a great assortment of line widths. Also include an old toothbrush to create blobs and dots.

A 10 x 10 tarp will help protect the ground and mbt scarpe outlet wall from stray paint.

Crushed newspaper to fill the inside of the shoe and a piece of aluminum foil to tuck inside the foot opening.

Several old yogurt cups to hold the paint.

A rinse bucket filled with water, to rinse the brush when changing colors.

A mbt shoes discontinued pair of canvas shoes with the laces removed.1. Stuff the shoes with the crumbled up newspaper, so that they are filled out. Rest the aluminum foil on the newspaper at the foot opening, and tuck the edges inside the shoes to prevent paint splatters from landing inside.

2. Pour a small mbt sandals amount of acrylic paint in a yogurt container. Add a bit of water to thin, stir, and then test the consistency for splattering. This is done by dipping the brush in the container, and then flipping the wrist forward in a splattering motion towards the tarp. The paint should fly off mbt boots in a thin stream. If the paint is gluey, add a bit more water.

3. After a few practice flips, begin hurling paint towards the shoes. It's best to start with one color first, and then let that color dry before adding a second color.

4. Splattering can be done with the flick mbt uk of the wrist or by combining different splattering techniques. The abstract expressionist artist, Jackson Pollack, often dripped and poured paint on his canvases which allowed for a more controlled application of paint. Pouring paint on your canvas shoes creates a fantastic, bold effect timberland roll top boots that can't be achieved with a brush. To cover these bold splatters of paint, use a toothbrush to create a spray of blobs and dots in a contrasting color. This is done by dipping the bristles in the paint, and then bending them back with the thumbnail to sent a fine spray over the shoe.

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