How to Start Selling ShoesHi, my name is Latoya Lo and I'm from Lake

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How to Start Selling Shoes

Hi, my name is Latoya Lo and I'm from Lake Balboa, California. And today, we're going mbt usa to be talking about how to start selling shoes. There's a few pointers that you must consider. The first pointer is, "Are you mbt shoes women wanting to redesign and custom made your own shoe?" The second pointer is, "Are you wanting to buy these shoes at wholesale from mbt sale a vendor in China?" And the third pointer is, "Are you going to sell your shoes online or do you want actual store location mbt shoes australia to put your shoes in and to sell?" An example that I have is I actually started to sell shoes on the side just for fun and I've timberland boots on sale took shoes from my closet. I cleaned them up, redesigned them, put them on, took pictures of them with a cute outfit and then timberland outlet online I put them on my social media. I put them on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and my Facebook and I had my friends re post and re white timberland boots share them. My friends found interest in them and they started to ask me if they could buy them. So, I slowly started making more beats pas cher shoes and redesigning. And that is how I started to sell shoes personally. Thanks again for watching. My name is Latoya Lo.

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