How to Stop Your Dog's Incessant Chewing on ShoesDoes your dog chew

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How to Stop Your Dog's Incessant Chewing on Shoes

Does your dog chew on shoes, furniture, and other objects that are supposed to be off limits? Mine does she especially loves to chew the cat's toys to shreds. It may seem like you have tried everything, but to no avail. However, there may be some things mbt sandals that will help, if only you do them consistently. Here are a few ways to stop your dog's incessant chewing on shoes and other household objects. First of all, give your dog lots of toys to play with. Sometimes, when I leave the house, I will dump a bunch of dog toys onto the floor so Mila has something to do while mbt boots I'm gone. It keeps her from getting bored (when she isn't asleep). Just make sure to leave out only the toys your dog will not be able to chew apart and choke on. If I accidentally leave a cat toy out while I'm gone, I often come home to find it ripped to shreds.

Do not let your dog chew on your old shoes or mbt uk clothes. It is easy to give an old shoe for the dog to chew on, but this is not a good idea. Dogs cannot distinguish between old clothing and items that are still in good condition. If you let your pooch chew on old shoes, especially those that have your scent on them, he will think it is okay to chew on other clothes timberland roll top boots that belong to you.

Never punish your dog for chewing on shoes. Also, refrain from scolding or pulling the shoe away from your dog. Tugging on it will only seem like a game to your dog, and he will pull on it harder. Instead, distract him with a treat; when he drops the shoe, reward him with the treat.

Use timberland boots cheap bitter tasting sprays to keep your dog from chewing on furniture. If he prefers the taste of wood to rubber, there are sprays on the market that taste terrible to pets. Just spray it on the pieces he is drawn to, and it should keep your dog from chewing on the furniture.

Keep off limits objects out of casque beats your dog's reach. Before getting a puppy, I dog proofed my apartment. This means keeping dangerous items up high and behind closed doors. I know what my pets are most interested in, so when I leave to work each day, I make sure there is nothing left for them to destroy or hurt themselves on. And I always close the bedroom ecouteur beats and office doors to further keep them out of trouble.

Fortunately, Mila rarely chews on off limits items, as she prefers to sleep most of the day. But there are times when she gets bored, and what else is there to do but eat the first thing in sight? These tactics work wonders in stopping a dog's incessant casque beats studio chewing on shoes and other household objects.

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