How to Store Shoes in a StairwayHi, guys! I'm Karl Champley. And today,

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How to Store Shoes in a Stairway

Hi, guys! I'm Karl Champley. And today, we're going to look at some creative ways you can store your shoes underneath a staircase. Now, the first thing is, is to take this golden mbt trainers opportunity and go through all your old shoes. If you haven't worn them in a few years, it's probably best that they're either trashed, or they're on someone else's feet. So, they can be part of a yard sale earn a few extra mbt shoes outlet bucks, or you can donate them, or simply get rid of them, alright? So, once you've worked out how many shoes and sandals that you've got, you can then look at how much storage you require. First up, what I've done here in my house timberland outlet is I've utilized the space behind the door there's a lot of these systems out there. However, a lot of them actually hook over the top of the door. I'm not a big fan of that, because they're loose, and they actually damage timberland waterproof boots the door and the frame. So, I've cut off the log, and I've simply screwed straight into the door and that's made it much more rigid. And, it works well I've got my little guy's shoes down here, and ours are up above. Now, if discount timberland boots you look inside, I've used a modular wall system, which has enabled me to put baskets and shelves at any height that I desire. You can do the same thing. And, it works out perfectly for larger items like boots and whatnot. Now, beats by dre pas cher the basket works out perfect for my young guy, because whatever it is, he will not put his shoes on here! But, he'll take them off his feet, he'll run past, throw it in a basket, and it keeps it off the floor. Now, an inexpensive casque beats mixr way to go too is you can get these baskets from a lot of the different stores and you can screw it directly to the wall studs. But, I say studs a lot of people go and do the drywall, it's not enough. You have to pick up casque beats solo at least two studs, because when you fill it up with shoes and sandals and what have you, it does get quite heavy. And, once it's all done, you close the door like this, and it's all neat and tidy. Thanks for joining us!

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