How to Tie Your Shoes Like a CIA SpyWhenever I slip on my running shoes

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How to Tie Your Shoes Like a CIA Spy

Whenever I slip on my running shoes before a jog, I pay careful attention to how they're laced because I wouldn't want to send the wrong kind of message to any spies pink timberland boots that I might trot past.

OK, I don't really do that. However, I just might start now that I know how CIA spies can deliver messages via shoelaces, thanks to the recently published The Official CIA Manual casque beats pro of Trickery and Deception by H. Keith Melton and Robert Wallace.

Evidently, in 1953, the CIA hired renowned magician John Mulholland to write spy manuals detailing sleight of hand tricks and other secret communication casques beats techniques. The resulting documents from the project, which was codenamed MKULTRA, were supposedly destroyed in 1973. Melton and Wallace claim that their book is based on the sole surviving copy of one manual casque docteur dre entitled "Some Operational Applications of the Art of Deception." According to a review in the National Post, chapters of that of the original text included "Surreptitious Removal of Objects" and "Special Aspects casque beats wireless of Deception for Women," which I'd really like to get my hands on.

For a sneak peak at a few of the other spy tricks included in the book, such as easy to spot signals and how to hide someone in a trunk or ecouteur sans fil large crate, the Boston Globe and Gizmodo both have slideshows you might get a kick out of. And the next time you see someone in oddly laced tennis shoes, beware. You might've encountered one of the spies among us.

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