How to Prepare for Golf in the RainI played Meadowland Country Club

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How to Prepare for Golf in the Rain

I played Meadowland Country Club in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, yesterday in some of the worst weather I have ever played in. The christian louboutin cheap temperature never broke 55 degrees and we had rain from the 4th hole until after dinner.

If you don check the forecast before you play golf, you not a golfer. As the fall christian louboutin outlet season is upon us, this is even more important. Unfortunately, sometimes you see a forecast that is not favorable such as I did yesterday. Knowing the forecast allows you to pack christian louboutin pigalle 120 whatever you might need to get you through the round.

I glad you asked. You can read more about my rain gear here, but I always carry a jacket and bag cover in bag "just christian louboutin outlet uk in case." Here are a few things that bailed me out yesterday: A Tuque (winter hat or scull cap): With the weather so cold and the wind blowing, I went with a winter hat to keep discount christian louboutin warm. My Callaway glove eventually ripped and I switched to a new dry glove to finish the round. It was wet by the end but did the job during. One guy in our group had rain gloves mbt shoes which apparently give you a better grip. If you going to be playing in the rain, it might be a sound investment. Rain Gear: A water and wind resistant suit will help keep you mbt online dry and warm. A good suit will keep your clothes dry and allow you to maintain your normal swing. Use them when walking to the green or to the tee box. One I use to dry off the mbt shoes for women seats in the cart or anything else; the other I use to dry my hands or clubs prior to a shot. Stuff an extra pair of socks in your bag and slip them on at the turn or if needed.

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