How to Use a Vintage Dress Lining to Make a New DressTurn your dress

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How to Use a Vintage Dress Lining to Make a New Dress

Turn your dress inside out to reveal the lining. Look ecouteur beats carefully at the construction. Depending upon the dress, you may opt to remove the lining or trace off a beats by dre pas cher pattern from the dress lining without dismantling the lining and outer fabric. Remove the lining if the pieces are casque monster only attached in a few areas, for instance, at the neck and shoulders.

Locate the grain, or straight vertical christian louboutin on sale and horizontal threads, of the vintage dress lining, using a magnifying glass if needed. Baste lines to mark christian louboutin men the straight grain and cross wise grain of the fabric in contrasting thread.

Step 5

Remove the dress christian louboutin men shoes lining and carefully trace over any pierced lines with a pencil. Label each piece of the new pattern, noting any cheap louboutin shoes cutting instructions. Reposition the dress lining to trace the next piece.

Step 6

Repeat this process mens christian louboutin for each piece of the vintage dress lining, checking the grain carefully as you move from piece to piece.

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