How to Use Recycled Materials to Make ToysBefore beginning your projects,

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How to Use Recycled Materials to Make Toys

Before beginning your projects, search online for toy patterns that can be traced free hand. Many patterns and templates are available to download and print. You can use books or how to video tutorials to get project ideas, or you can get started by making this super simple childhood companion christian louboutin cheap below.

How to Make a Rag Doll

Remember Raggedy Ann and Andy, the lovable rag dolls and pop culture phenoms of the past? Well, even if you never heard of them, you can still make your own personalized version of Raggedy Ann, or Andy, to resemble yourself or your kids. Here how:

Assemble fabric scraps or used clothing to make christian louboutin outlet the doll outfit, and cut out desired shapes. For the doll complexion and body, pantyhose is suitable to use; stuff the pantyhose with cotton, fiberfill, or any soft fabric. A fun alternative to using pantyhose (for the legs) is to use patterned fabrics, so that the doll appears doll to be wearing tights.

There is no limit to choosing hairstyles. You christian louboutin pigalle 120 can make ponytails, pigtails, free flowing hair, bangs, curly styles, or straight styles, using favorite colors and length of yarn. Highlight facial features with buttons and cosmetics. When the basics are completed, you can continue to spice up the doll by adorning with hair barrettes, jewelry, bloomers, belts, shoes, and perhaps ethnic accessories.

Have christian louboutin outlet uk Fun with BeanbagsA simple beanbag ball requires one sock cut to desired size. Stuff the sock with a handful of old beans or rice, and then sew a simple stitch at the opening to secure the contents. That it, and you are good to go.

You can also create a teddy bear beanbag using the above method. Tie a string around the middle discount christian louboutin of the sock to separate the head and body. Cut out pieces of felt to make the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and then glue the pieces to the sock. Add other embellishments if you wish. A beanbag toss would be a fun backyard activity at your next eco friendly kids party.

Make Wood BlocksYou can use recycled materials to make toys such as building mbt shoes block . These blocks are simple to put together and can provide hours of endless fun for babies and toddlers. Using leftover wood pieces from home renovation projects, cut four squares about three inches long, or preferred size. Glues all sides together until the blocks form a solid square. Once the glue dries, sand the wood to remove any splinters. Finish mbt online up by painting the blocks in vivid colors, and then paint letters, numbers, or stencil designs on each side.

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