How To Walk in a Wedding DressAfter months of shopping and headaches,

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How To Walk in a Wedding Dress

After months of shopping and headaches, everything is finally in place. The love of your life is waiting for you at the alter, christian louboutin wedding shoes and you're ready to go. Can you walk to meet them without falling on your face? Avoid turning red at your white wedding with a little preparation.

Fit Your Height

When christian louboutin heels going to the tailor make sure you consider the length of the wedding dress. Make sure it does not drag on the floor in front of you, getting under your christian louboutin outlet online feet as you walk. Bring the shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day to the dress fitting. You will be able to walk in your wedding dress much easier, and your feet will christian louboutin sale thank you after all that dancing. If you insist on heels look for wedges, platforms, or chunkier heels; they are easier to walk in. Avoid stilettos. Wear the dress with cheap mbt shoes the shoes and practice your walk on carpet, tile, wood, any surface in your home. Take smaller steps than usual and walk slowly. Models use this trick to maintain posture; mbt shoes australia make sure your shoulders are relaxed, and imagine a string attached to your navel that runs up through your head and to the ceiling. This will keep you relaxed, upright, mbt shoes usa and looking beautiful. Practice your walk enough so you can look as comfortable and natural as possible.

It's Not the End of the World

If you do trip on scarpe mbt your way down the aisle, your wedding can still be perfect. Stand up and smile. It's even okay to laugh a little before continuing slowly on your way to your love.

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