How to Walk on MBT ShoesTalk to your doctor about any health conditions

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How to Walk on MBT Shoes

Talk to your doctor about any health conditions you may have or check the FAQ's on the MBT website. MBT's are recommended for back problems, foot pain, muscle ligaments, leg problems and other health conditions.

Always wear sweat proof socks with your MBT's. MBT christian louboutin men shoes shoes make the entire foot more active which results in more foot perspiration. However, MBT's have a built in moisture management mesh.

Back pain may be experienced during the first few days of wearing MBT shoes due to the different upright posture. It should go away on its own but speak to a doctor cheap louboutin shoes if it persists.

Wearing MBT's must be supervised by a doctor if they are used as a therapy for basic health conditions.

MBT: How to Choose the Correct Size

Masai Barefoot Technology shoes, or MBTs, were inspired by the balance and agility of the Masai people, who developed excellent mens christian louboutin muscle tone.

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