How to Wear Flat Shoes with Savvy and FlairThe flat shoe has stepped

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How to Wear Flat Shoes with Savvy and Flair

The flat shoe has stepped over into spring for 2008. The popularity of the little ballet flat has made flat shoes a fun and comfortable alternative for warm weather fashion. When warm weather activities require you to be more active, it's nice to know you have an alternative to the stylish but uncomfortable mbt shoes outlet stiletto heels. Many women believe they're unable to wear flat shoes because they're short or carrying a few excess pounds. While the flat shoe isn't as universally flattering as the classic heel, it can look good on almost anyone if worn in the proper context. Here are some tips on how to look fabulous in flat shoes: How to wear flat shoes: Wear them with mbt shoes women Capri pants

Flat shoes look best when a bit of leg is showing. They're the perfect accompaniment to Capri pants for a casual day shopping or site seeing while on vacation. For the most flattering look, keep the length of your Capri pants about six inches below the knee. If you're not tall and slender, opt for a simple flat shoe without too much detail. A mbt scarpe fussy, detailed shoe can give the illusion of a shorter frame.

Flat shoes look best with simple, clean lines to keep your body looking sleek and lean. Avoid wearing them with flared pants or bell bottoms as these can add pounds and subtract inches from your silhouette. Instead opt for straight, slender pants and streamlined, slim skirts. When wearing flat cheap louboutin shoes shoes with a skirt, keep the length a bit shorter to add the illusion of leg length. An inch or two above the knee should work well for most people.

How to wear flat shoes: Wear them with a frilly, floral dress

Florals will be a hot fashion item for Spring 2008. When the sun is high in the sky and you want to dress light but pretty, slip on a christian louboutin sneakers romantic, flowing floral dress and add a pair of ballet flats to complete the look. Not only will you feel comfortable in your soft flats, you'll look like a springtime goddess.

How to wear flat shoes: Don't forget the metallics

You'll find flat shoes in a variety of colors and textures this year. One of the most versatile and flattering shade of christian louboutin pigalle flat shoe is a burnished bronze. The metallics are great for an evening out on the town teamed with a metallic shade of purse in the same shade. A metallic flat can give an ordinary outfit added polish and style. Plus, the metallics will coordinate with almost everything in your closet and couldn't your closet use some more versatility?

If you're ready christian louboutin sale to give those heels and your feet a rest, add a few pairs of flat shoes to your wardrobe this year. Your feet will thank you.

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