Howard Stern Show highlights1. Election Day: After eighteen months

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Howard Stern Show highlights

1. Election Day: After eighteen months of campaigning, Election Day 2012 is finally here. The Howard Stern Show celebrated by discussing christian louboutin discount predictions on which staff members would be too lazy to go vote and by interviewing a Mitt Romney impersonator multiple times throughout the broadcast. Howard Stern restated louboutin wedding shoes his endorsement of President Barack Obama, in spite of the fact Stern announced his own campaign for president on Monday. Read the story here

Jon Leiberman will host an election louboutin outlet special Tuesday night on Howard 101: get details here

2. Hurricane Sandy aftermath outrage: More than a million residents are still without power in the wake of Hurricane christian louboutin outlet uk Sandy, and gasoline shortages throughout the city hvae made for brutal conditions. Howard Stern pointed to the disaster as evidence that a strong federal government is important, louboutin pigalle because states simply can't handle disasters this big on their own. Stern also raised suspicions about shenanigans going on with the citywide gas shortages. Read the story christian louboutin boots here

3. Howard says he's now going to encourage them to just stay in his Manhattan penthouse with him since another storm is reportedly on the way. See video of Howard louboutin wedding shoes Stern's plea here

4. Sour Shoes and Alexis Ford in studio: Wack Packer Sour Shoes returned as the Stern Show house band Tuesday. Stern thought Sour was off his game at mulberry outlet online first, but was delighted to find out that the 33 year old social outcast legitimately ejaculated in his parents after receiving an "examination" from porn star Alexis Ford.

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