Hungry Girl GoesSummer's still here, which means you're likely heading

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Hungry Girl Goes

Summer's still here, which means you're likely heading somewhere for a few days of R R. Don't let a quick trip derail your eating habits. Here are Hungry Girl's top eight ways to stay on track while on vacation.

1. Stock up on emergency snacks.

If you're going to be staying at christian louboutin pigalle a hotel for a few days, make a trip to the grocery store beforehand. Pick up some guilt free, shelf stable snacks to have during your stay. My picks are Fuji apples, turkey or soy jerky, 100 calorie packs of almonds and freeze dried fruit. Grab a bunch of water bottles while you're there, too (see related tip below!).

2. Stay christian louboutin sale hydrated.

Bring along a slew of on the go drink mix packets. Keep them with you at all times so you can spike your water or even your cocktails at the hotel bar! Water + 1 shot of liquor + sugar free drink mix packet = guilt free goodness! That's a much better bet than those frozen cocktails loaded with hundreds christian louboutin outlet of calories.

3. Do your homework.

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you should splurge at every meal. Bring your laptop and use that free Wi Fi to find out what's available at the local restaurants. If you check out the menu ahead of time, you'll be less likely to make impulsive, last minute christian louboutin discount decisions.

4. Dine out smart.

Don't forget the restaurant basics: dressing on the side, skip the bread and butter, avoid fried items and dishes with creamy sauces. You know the drill.

5. Don't be lazy.

A vacation is the perfect opportunity to explore. Pick up a map of the area, lace up those christian louboutin pigalle walking shoes and get out there, or just pop into the hotel gym for a while. Bring a bottle of water, an emergency snack or two (like jerky or a Fiber One Chewy Bar) and you're ready for action!

6. Survive those vending machines.

Make sure you stick with diet sodas and water when searching for something to drink christian louboutin pigalle 120 out of a vending machine. And look closely at everything offered in those snack contraptions. There are usually a few good options in 'em like baked chips, sugar free gum, hard candies and low cal and low fat treats.

7. Expect the unexpected.

The museum was so exciting that you stayed for an extra three christian louboutin black pumps hours. The beach got too crowded so you decided to leave two hours early. Did it rain on zoo day? There are lots of reasons vacation plans can be altered, but you shouldn't be caught unprepared. Always keep snacks and a plan B on hand in case your plans change at the last minute.

8. Less is more (for later).

Most mulberry sale hotels have mini fridges (or at least the option for one), so take advantage of them. When you eat out, ask for a to go box when your meal arrives so you can take half of your dinner back to the hotel with you (do this before you start eating if you can!). You'll save calories and have a snack or mini meal for later!

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