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How to put shoes in the dryer

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[+]FunExplosions comment score below threshold (10 children)True story: my boss put his cat in the shop dryer (just a normal house dryer in the shop) for mbt kisumu about half a second. Turns out those things get moving pretty fast. He opened it up and the cat spun around about three more times, fell from the top, then shot out faster than the Flash. It was hilarious. We all felt horrible.

Basically, mbt trainers don put your pets in the dryer. Not even if it really funny.

edit: Hahahah. Jesus. How do you tell a group of rabid dogs that their prey is made of plastic? All you guys getting so angry about nothing, considering you completely mbt chapa flown off the handle and assumed the worst so you could pontificate on all your strong moral stances. My boss didn expect the dryer to be moving full speed. The cat ran up to him after we cleaned a car, we were all in a good mood, he looked christian louboutin black pumps down and picked the cat up and kissed it head or something. He happened to be in the corner of the shop by the washer and dryer, so he put the cat in it and quickly double tapped the power button. We were all shocked and immediately struck christian louboutin discount with "what the fuck did you do?!" faces when he opened the door right back up to see the dryer still tumbling and the cat falling from the top running in place. It like when your girlfriend doesn think kicking you in the ass would hurt reaaallly louboutin wedding shoes bad, but it does. or something similar. I guess my flaw is assuming you guys have real world interactions.

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