I bring you shoes free of sweateco "cons" from Autonomie ProjectSorry

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I bring you shoes free of sweat

eco "cons" from Autonomie Project

Sorry for the cheesy headline, but I couldn't help it. More often than not I find myself rummaging christian louboutin wedding shoes around vintage shops looking for great shoes. I have mostly resigned myself to not buying anything "new." It's a big task for me, a blossoming eco fashionista.

But I am usually louboutin outlet uk disappointed with the selection of really kickin sneaks. I usually end up with a canvas sack full of beautiful heels (don't worry I'm not complaining) with this aching desire to have just christian louboutin clearance one pair of reliable sneakers for afternoon strolls.

On one of my strolls recently in Noe Valley, I stumbled across a store that I felt dumb not already knowing about. Global louboutin sale outlet Exchange. Their whole angle is to bring fair trade products to the market in a fun and accessible way. Everything is so colorful and vibrant. The have everything you might ever need. Glassware, christian louboutin sale uk bedding, accessories, children's toys, and of course apparel. I of course bee lined to the shoes.

Global Exchange is showcasing green "cons" from Autonomie Project. everything rent christian louboutin about these adorable shoes is sustainable, from materials to craftsmanship, these little low tops are the answer to my pleading feet.

Army style low top sneaker made with mulberry bags sale 100% Fair Trade certified organic cotton canvas upper and tough rubber sole. The sole is produced and stamped with FSC certified all natural and sustainable latex. That means the rubber mulberry handbags sale was actually tapped from a tree in a well managed and growing forest instead of being made from chemicals like other rubber products. All dyes used on the canvas are PCP and AZO free.

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