I couldn't afford a pair of Batman Converse that I wanted so my talented mom

Posted on:31/01/2015 By:admin

I couldn't afford a pair of Batman Converse that I wanted so my talented mom said she would paint on some existing shoes

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The two senior tattoo artists in the shop I work in had christian louboutin sale a look at this. Theres thirty years experience between them and heres what they think. Its a well done tattoo technically. The ink is in there and the intent of the original design it was copied from comes across well. One artist thinks that there needs to be more black in the background to balance all the black in the mouths and mulberry outlet the eyes and make the overall contrast of the image higher, and therefore the design clearer. Some more of the grass theyre lying in would be good for that and some more dark shadows on the lions themselves. Also, neither one of them like how the image is cut off at the bottom in a straight line. The whole argument about how well mulberry factory shop it will hold up is somewhat debateable. Yellows and Browns do tend to fade, but weve also seen them hold up very well. Nobody here buys the whole "paintings dont hold up well or look good as tattoos over time" thing. Its more a matter of how the tattoo is executed. More graphic painting styles do tend to look clearer, and there are mulberry handbags outlet a few tattooists that can pull it off very well and are famous for it.

Hope that helps because Imo, people on this thread are taking far too negative a view on a tattoo that was done fairly well.

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