I Fear What Tomorrow Might BringI fear what tomorrow might bring. Not

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I Fear What Tomorrow Might Bring

I fear what tomorrow might bring. Not from a sense of general uncertainty for how the economy is tanking, a feeling of unease concerning the possibility of christian louboutin sale terrorism within our soil, or that every word I write to right a wrong recruits yet another who might wish me harm for awakening him from a lie.

The fact that he seeks to use this solemn day to catapult cheap louboutin shoes his relentless pursuit of revisionism is worthy enough of concern. The fact that he has bottomless pockets of support and an enormous virtual megaphone at his disposal is worthy enough of concern. The louboutin shoes outlet fact that his followers have willingly suspended disbelief, and continue to grow unabated, is worthy enough of concern.

But, pressing as these things might be, they are not the things that are mens christian louboutin keeping me up at night, brothers and sisters. What keeping me up is thinking that, in exercising your birthright to free speech, you allow yourself to be swept by the heat of the moment, and escalate an christian louboutin heels already tense moment into something far worse.

So, despite the fact that I have never met you; despite the fact that I might never know you; despite the fact that I won be there with you; know in mulberry outlet uk your heart that the very rage incited in you by the sight and word of the impostor also lives in me. Know also that, if I were in your shoes, I would honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by refusing mulberry bags outlet to allow my fury to get the best of me, choosing to exemplify his commitment to non violence instead.

When the madman and his flock step on hallowed ground, choose not to desecrate, but to mulberry clutch elevate. When his words coerce you into admitting your anger, choose not to prevaricate, but to educate. When his revisionist rhetoric attempts to separate us, choose not to segregate, but to integrate.

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