I have a choice between weightlifting shoesA place to discuss weight

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I have a choice between weightlifting shoes

A place to discuss weight training programs, from beginner programs like SS/SL to more advanced programs like Wendler 5/3/1 and Madcow 5x5, and even specialty programs such as Smolov Jr.

A place for you to ask questions about your routine, form, or anything weight training related.

This is not a place for you to post "NSVs", "I just did x!" threads, or any threads where the only discussion to be had is congratulating the OP. There are lots louboutin outlet uk of places to post those kinds of threads. This isn one of them.

[+]GymIn26Minutes comment score below threshold (1 child)Saying they help with deadlifts (they are no better than barefoot which is free) adds false value.

Most gyms will not allow you to lift barefoot, as you damn well aught to know (assuming you have been to more than a handful of gyms). And yes, weightlifting shoes are VASTLY better than what the OP is likely currently using for deadlifting (running shoes most likely).

Are christian louboutin clearance they as good for deadlifting as chucks? Debatable. The /fitness and /weightroom hivemind says no, but then the hivemind tends to latch on to things with abnormal zeal.

Are they bad for deadlifting? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Seriously. Anyone who says that they are bad for deadlifting has not tried deadlifting in them. A sub 2.5cm heel is quite short, and having a lower forefoot actually is very nice (though it depends on your taste).

That not at all why you getting downvoted. You haven even said anything that louboutin sale outlet goes against powerlifting or powerlifting goals, so why would you be getting downvoted based on that?

Downvotes for suggesting that chucks aren the end all be all of shoes to lift in. Seems pretty absurd to me.

You stated that weightlifting shoes were good for deadlifting, which is bullshit and you know it.

Yeah, weightlifting shoes give you TERRIBLE form out of the hole, amirite?.

You trying to back out of your statements instead of admitting that deads in socks is better than lifting christian louboutin sale uk shoes.

Please point me to the post in which I said that. I said that most gyms will not let you lift barefoot (which socks count as), because that is the case in the vast majority of gyms I have encountered. I tend to agree with you on most topics, and RES indicates that I tend to upvote your posts, but you are wrong on this, and please quit putting words in my mouth.

Anyone who has read the fucking FAQ here knows not to wear running shoes to deadlift.

And the OP was asking about buying rent christian louboutin shoes to lift in (so he/she doesnt have to lift in running shoes). Lifting shoes are fantastic for squatting in, and as good or better than nearly anything but barefoot or slippers for deadlifting in. It is absolutely absurd to claim that lifting shoes are not good for deadlifting in when you are unable to lift barefoot. Will you be able to lift as much on your 1rm as you could barefoot? Probably not. Is it going to ruin your form or hold back your training? HELL NO.

I know what I can pull with them, and without mulberry bags sale them.

You seem to be under the impression that everybody is out to be a powerlifter. If you aren a competing powerlifter (most people), absolute load is mostly irrelevant, the only thing that matters is relative load and progress. Honestly, what does it matter if I am getting an equivalent workout with 495 with a heel instead of 525 barefoot? Does working out at a slightly lower weight somehow make the exercise ineffective or irrelevant? I think not. If my 1rm goes up by 10lbs, it is progress either way.

Whatever, mulberry handbags sale you apparently have discovered the only correct way to lift weights. I suppose I should just give up lifting since I am doing it wrong because I don care about squeezing every last pound out of my 1rm. I don wear a suit when lifting either, double fail.

I have had the heels on my shoes built up (raised) to help me deal with being pretty tall and some limited ankle mobility. I did it because it was suggested by some of the guys I train with and because some of them have also done it. In mulberry lily other words, it fairly common, and might be something you want at some stage.

I have seen several pairs of the Adipower with extra added to the heel with the in the sole at the midfoot, I presume it fairly easy to do. On the other hand, I have not yet seen any adistar (or romaleos, for that matter) with raised heels. The design is different, and I can imagine the plastic wedge might be harder to alter. I not saying it can be done to Adistars just that I know for certain it can be done on the Adipowers.

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