I need help with the selection of Men's shoesI need help with the selection

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I need help with the selection of Men's shoes

I need help with the selection of Men's shoes.

I have searched around and asked people in my salsa community what they do for shoe, but no christian louboutin outlet uk one really gave me a definitive answer on what to look for.

Somethings I have heard/noticed:

Hard leather bottom shoes, no information on the heel as I only have a wooden heel dress shoe and louboutin pigalle it is too slick.

Suede bottom shoes, I know this is common, but I know nearly nothing when it comes to selection.

Dance sneakers, I don like these, I want shoes that look good so that I can dress christian louboutin boots up and have it look decent.

Slip ons, I see a lot of people using slip on shoes.

Sneakers/tennis shoes like I am using.

Any Information would be great, I want to make a good investment louboutin wedding shoes and I want to get a great pair of shoes.

Thank you. These comments have reassured my hesitation in buying a strictly "dancing" pair of shoes. I am going to try and find shoes that I can dance comfortably mulberry outlet online in, right now I mainly dance in Vans, but I have danced a hole in the bottom of my left shoe, so I figured now is the time to find new shoes.

I completely agree with your last bullet point, I mulberry outlet store don think I was really clear about my goal with this post. I am looking into what other people found to be the best option for shoes. I am reassured that it really doesn matter, as long as they are comfortable.

If mulberry satchel I don like my shoes I just dance barefoot or with socks, I know this is bad, but it is better than crappy shoes to me. In general though I use my Vans which I love and will miss.

Anyways, mulberry bag outlet this was a long reply about nothing much heh, thanks for your information. I am curious what you tend to wear when you dance Latin music socially, or if you have a trusty pair you prefer above the rest?

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