Ideas to simplify the 'Request Account' pageIt not difficult, but it

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Ideas to simplify the 'Request Account' page

It not difficult, but it not particularly quick. Some ideas to simplify the Account page start below. You might also wish to review our privacy policy; in short, we are responsible volunteers and we won abuse your private information and email address.

The reference to the SFP is out of date. If your full name is Richard christian louboutin pigalle 120 A. Q. Smith, whichever name you most commonly use, and which we can verify, but you may NOT register as Dicky Smith, or just Richard or just Smithy. Your Username can be modified once you are registered, but we very seldom do so, and prefer that you register correctly in the first place.

Could be reduced to just informing applicants that a username reflecting their real christian louboutin black pumps name in the format Lastname is required. When your account is set up, you receive an e mail to enable you to log in at Special:Userlogin.

Editor applicants: fill out this form and include two further items: a CV or resume attached (or linked), as well as some links to Web material that tends to support the claims made in the CV, such as conference proceedings, or a departmental mulberry sale home page. Both of these additional requirements may be fulfilled by a CV that is hosted on an official work Web page. If you lack a current CV, lists of publications or other such documents that establish your expertise may be suitable. When your editorship is approved, you receive an e mail to enable you to log in at Special:Userlogin. You can change it to your personal email mulberry outlet york address later.

Your email address will be sent a confirmation message once this request is submitted. You must respond by clicking on the confirmation link provided by the email. Also, your password will be emailed to you when your account is created, along with login information.

Username: (same as your full name, below)

Main areas of interest

Each mulberry daria entry below corresponds to a workgroup project where people with such interest can coordinate their efforts. You don have to click anything here, unless you an editor applicant. Click on the question mark next to each topic to view the corresponding workgroup. Directions to join workgroups can be part of the welcome message placed on the new user Talk page.

For the information mulberry handbag outlet below, we can probably chop a few words here and there. agreement statement is for SFP, not the Charter). I think we can reduce the word count to 30, and only demand more from would be editors. (The following minimal bio satisfies the demand below for a statement of interests and educational background, and provides no evidence that the applicant is unable to communicate in English: cheap christian louboutin shoes I am a Canadian living in Glasgow, Scotland. I have a bachelor degree in civil engineering from Bristol University. My interests include bowling, collecting shoes and composing Classical Chinese poetry. That 30 words.)

Any other ideas?

About your full name: The name on your driver license or other identification card. First name (given name) and last name (family louboutin wedding shoes name). Doe. You may use middle names and initials if you wish. No pseudonyms: if you want to apply for a pseudonym, do not use this form. We grant pseudonyms only for very rare and exceptional reasons. Rough clues as to age and location might be helpful to other users but are optional. Please note: your biography must demonstrate that you possess high proficiency in English.

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