If You Liked Black SwanSome viewers went to see the recent DVD release

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If You Liked Black Swan

Some viewers went to see the recent DVD release Black Swan because of the Academy Award winning performance by Natalie Portman. Others were drawn to it because they are intrigued by the dance: ballet, and the concept of art taking over life. Black Swan and its powerhouse female lead can be viewed as a more contemporary, darker version mulberry sale of the 1948 film The Red Shoes. Fans of Black Swan will undoubtedly enjoy Red Shoes for the countless similarities, and may even favor it for multi faceted story lines and its unique, high art grand finale. The Red Shoes' tortured and talented star Victoria Page is played by Moira Shearer; her first on screen role. Like Nina Sayers, Vicky is young, ambitious and just reaching mulberry outlet york her peak, taking over the lead role for a new ballet while taking the reins of the washed up star before her. Unlike Nina, Vicky seems to gradually come into her obsession with the dance throughout the film, bypassing her personal life. Nina seems to be psychologically plagued with self image/sexuality/maternal issues from the beginning of the film until the doomed mulberry daria end.

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Shearer is a fantastic female lead; as an actress, her distinct look and naivet force the viewer to rally for her as a fledgling company member. Her dancing isn't bad either Already an international artist, she, like Vicky, was in her prime at the time of filming. The ruthless director Boris Lermontov, played by Anton Walbrook, picks Vicky mulberry handbag outlet out of obscurity to star in his daring new ballet "The Red Shoes". Vicky's need to become the perfect dancer combined with Boris' unyielding direction is a recipe for dramatic disaster. The only thing that keeps the dance from consuming her life entirely is her love for the ballet's composer, young Julian Craster (Marius Goring). Boris loathes the distraction Julian presents, cheap christian louboutin shoes and forces Vicky to choose between her career and her love. It becomes difficult to tell whether Boris is infatuated with Vicky herself, or if he is overwhelmingly obsessed with her talent alone. The night of the ballet's debut performance, Vicky makes the difficult decision to go on, breaking Julian's heart and sending him away. Her dance that night is incomparable; louboutin wedding shoes she never was and never would be better than she was that night. Realizing that her love for dance is rather one sided, and now after having pushed Julian away, she tragically decides to end it all.

The Red Shoesis fascinating because of all of the different dynamics of its story: the high art that's churned out of a dirty backstage; the romantic relationship roger vivier store of a man and a woman compared to the insatiable relationship of a director and his muse; and, foremost, the struggle of a dancer to justify the high point of her career amidst irrevocable personal consequences. The Technicolor is beautiful, the dancing is company quality, and not one performance is off. Black Swan is fascinating because of its dual nature. Nina's struggle roger vivier flats is not between romantic love and artistic love, but between the indulgent black swan that she wants to be and the 'you're not quite there yet' white swan that she is. The classical music is perfectly matched, the effects enhance just enough, but not too much, and Natalie Portman plays the role with perfect balance. Black or Red, they're both wonderful ballet films.

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