If Your Baby or Toddler Refuses to Wear ShoesWhen my one year old started

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If Your Baby or Toddler Refuses to Wear Shoes

When my one year old started walking, I knew we were going to have to somehow force him to wear shoes. Walking around in public places was not going to work with his bare feet. However no matter how hard we tried we could not mulberry factory shop get our little guy to keep his shoes on. He would simply sit down and throw them off the minute we walked away. He also had a little more trouble balancing while wearing shoes and even had difficulty crawling with traditional rubber soled shoes. Then one day we finally found the answer: mulberry handbags outlet crib shoes. These soft soled moccasin like shoes stay on his feet, aren't ripped off immediately, and don't cause any difficulty walking! Crib shoes are a great first shoe for your newly walking baby or toddler. Probably the most well known brand of crib shoes is Robeez. These soft soled mulberry york outlet shoes are sold online and in some specialty retailers. Robeez come in many adorable styles including sandals, boots, athletic shoes, and dressier options. The soft leather and stretchy elastic heels conform well to any foot and do not restrict the foot from moving back and forth to aid mulberry handbag sale in balance. Robeez also come in sizes newborn all the way through 3 4 years which is difficult to find in soft soled crib shoes. The only problem I see with Robeez is the price. A new pair of Robeez crib shoes will cost you $27.95. If you order online you will also have to pay shipping (unless christian louboutin outlet you order $75 or more). This is a pretty steep price to pay when you know your little one will only be wearing the shoes for a few months.

There are other brand names of these soft soled crib shoes available. Target, for instance, carries a version of the shoes that sell for louboutin outlet only $12.99, almost half of the cost of a pair of Robeez. You can also find versions at stores such as Baby Gap and Wal mart, which are also much more affordable. The problem with many of these versions of the crib shoes is that they do not come in sizes above 12 months. If you have a roger vivier heels toddler that doesn't even start walking until age one or later, you will certainly need a larger size.

At any rate, if you are having trouble getting your teetering toddler to wear shoes, try out some soft soled crib shoes, either by Robeez or another brand. If your little guy or roger vivier outlet gal is anything like mine and you may finally be done with the daily shoe battle.

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I am a happily married mom of an elementary school aged boy and toddler girl. I work full time in the education/library field and part time as a crafter/artisan.

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