Illuminate Your FeetCanvas Shoes (any shoe that a needle can poke through)

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Illuminate Your Feet

Canvas Shoes (any shoe that a needle can poke through) 2. Conductive Thread 3. LED's (10) mulberry bags outlet 4. Regular Thread 5. 220 ohm resistors (2) 6. Felt 2. Marker 3. Coin cell battery Steps: 1. Take your felt and trace the mulberry clutch coin cell battery onto it with a marker. Felt Cutout 2. Metal Snap 3. Conductive thread 4. Needle Steps: 1. Marker 2. Felt mulberry alexa cut out with attached snap from previous step 3. Other end of snap from previous step 4. Shoe 5. Marker 6. Shoe 2. Felt cut mulberry bags on sale out 3. Regular Thread 4. Needle Steps: Line the corners of the felt up with the marks you put on the shoe. Shoes 2. Snaps (2) louboutin outlet uk 3. Conductive thread 4. Resistor 2. Shoe 3. Conductive Thread 4. Needle 5. Needle Nose Pliers Steps: 1. Conductive Thread cheap christian louboutin 2. Shoes 3. Needle 4. LED's Steps: 1. I wired these LED's in parallel. Refer to the diagram and the pictures. Puff Paint 2. Shoes roger vivier boots 3. Pencil Steps: The puff paint has two benefits.

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