Imagine Wearing Your Customer's ShoesFinally, you arrive at where the

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Imagine Wearing Your Customer's Shoes

Finally, you arrive at where the product is placed/service is provided. What would you first do? Will you look at the mulberry outlet york price tags or price lists? Maybe you scrutinise the box, check out its ingredients, or study the packaging. Or perhaps the shape and ergonomics of the product, enthusiasm of mulberry daria the service staff, and ease of use (ala Apple products)?

After you have decided to buy the product or consume the service, what would you next do? Walk to the cashier mulberry handbag outlet and make your payment perhaps? How is the payment experience like fast and fuss free (or slow and painful)? Do you expect to receive anything after the purchase like cheap christian louboutin shoes a card, an email, or even an SMS to "thank you for shopping with us" with an offer attached?

As you make your way home on the bus/train/car/plane, consider what louboutin wedding shoes your thoughts would be. Would you rush to tell all your family and friends about it via SMS, Facebook, Twitter or face to face? Maybe you prefer to just keep quiet.

Now roger vivier store if you write down what you expect to experience every step of the way, and be as meticulous as you can, you would have the makings of a customer experience pathway. Design roger vivier flats it in the most ideal manner possible subject to costs and available resources and you probably have the start of an ideal marketing plan.

The trick is to take mbt outlet the vantage point of your customer, rather than your company. Its not what you want to market or sell to them. Its what they would respond to and be attracted by.

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