Improve your work day with shoesAccountants and sales people alike

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Improve your work day with shoes

Accountants and sales people alike typically wear standard suits, nothing too far out there mulberry york outlet at either end of the spectrum. The goal is to not offend and look serious. Serious is boring and undifferentiated. Carrying a purse or briefcase mulberry handbag sale around all day to express trendability doesn't seem in line.

What can be done to improve the look without causing the boss or customer christian louboutin outlet concern? Show personality through shoes. A black pantsuit paired with zebra print pumps say this person is serious, gets their work done, louboutin outlet but isn't boring. Pair a brown pencil skirt suit with red peeptoe shoes and the perception is this person exudes power and style. The brown roger vivier heels is conservative enough to promote confidence. The red shoes show power while the peeptoe expresses knowing there is more than just the job.

Love roger vivier outlet an animal print? It may not go over well to wear a bold animal print to work. It may age the person or just not be appropriate mbt shoes sale but as a shoe accent it will draw the eye and provide positive comments.

The key is to make sure the statement ends with the shoes. Wearing mbt shoes for men a statement outfit with statement shoes is too much. It won't be business appropriate so have fun but keep it industry acceptable.

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