How to Recycle Old Athletic ShoesIf you are into saving the planet

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How to Recycle Old Athletic Shoes

If you are into saving the planet and truly going green, here is a question for you. What did you do with all your old sneakers? Did you know they can be recycled and reused? Not only can your old shoes be donated to charities, the mbt sandals homeless, runners in other countries and deprived athletic teams, but they can also be broken down and the parts can be used in basketball courts, tennis courts and running tracks. We should all each do our part in removing shoes from the trash pile and adding them to the recycle mbt kisumu pile. Don't throw those old athletic shoes away in the trash reuse, recycle and regenerate them! Re use and donate your shoes.

Donate your old shoes so they can be re used. They may find their way to needy runners and others in the Australia and Pacific region, to the mbt trainers poor of Haiti, or the children of the Cuzco Athletic Federation, to African national athletic teams, to youth runners in Kenya, to the underprivileged citizens of Mexico and to local charities here in the United States.

Did you know that the rubber on the soles of your mbt chapa shoes can be broken down and reprocessed into a variety of products? Shoes donated to Nike's Reuse a Shoe program, based in Wilsonville, Oregon, grinds down old shoes to use the old rubber in new synthetic sports fields and playing surfaces, and even in indoor basketball courts. Nike christian louboutin black pumps will accept any brand of athletic shoes, but their equipment isn't yet able to process cleats, dress shoes or shoes with metal pieces so recycle those types of shoes to a local charity or Good Will. No matter how you recycle your old shoes, please make sure your shoes are dry christian louboutin discount and free of any mud or dirt.

Regenerate each part of your old shoes.

When shoes are sent into be recycled at shoe recycling facilities, the shoes are taken apart and the parts are sorted and processed into three types of materials: rubber from the outsole, foam louboutin wedding shoes from the mid sole and fabric fibers from the upper section. Each section is all ground up into separate categories and depending on the material; they are then used to become part of a basketball court, running track, athletic field or park playground. Some of it even goes back into louboutin outlet making new shoes and apparel. Make it your goal to discover how to give your old athletic shoes another chance at a winning season. Kristie currently writes for several on line sites, including Hubpages, Firehow, and Bukisa; while working on a collection o. View profile

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