Indoor Rock Climbing in OlympiaWarehouse Rock GymWarehouse Rock

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Indoor Rock Climbing in Olympia

Warehouse Rock Gym

Warehouse Rock Gym is Olympia's largest indoor rock climbing facility. The gym is situated in downtown Olympia and boasts 30 anchors for top rope and lead climbing, plus two auto belays louboutin outlet for climbers without a partner. In addition, the gym has a large bouldering area to practice technical moves, and a harrowing, arching roof climb for skilled climbers. Staff are trained at route and problem setting, so holds are frequently removed and rearranged roger vivier heels to keep climbers feeling challenged. The gym's rental equipment includes climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk bags and belay devices. Fees cover either day use, a package deal for five visits, or a monthly, quarterly or annual membership. The gym offers student and roger vivier outlet military discounts with a valid ID. Entry fees do not include rentals, and rental gear may not be taken out of the gym.

Evergreen State College has a small indoor climbing gym. The gym caters mainly to bouldering, an unroped form of climbing that focuses mbt shoes sale on technical moves condensed into shorter, lower routes called problems. There are a few anchors for top rope climbing. The routes cover a range of difficulties to suit both beginners and experienced climbers. Evergreen's gym is open to the public in addition mbt shoes for men to students. Non students can choose to pay a daily, monthly or annual fee to climb; punch cards are also available. Built in floor pads cover the floors to ensure safety. is very important at a climbing gym, where climbers can potentially fall from great heights. Participants mbt mens shoes should always be aware of climbers above or around them; don't walk under someone who is climbing, and don't start a route or problem that might intersect with one another climber has already started. Bouldering requires the use of a crash mbt trainers pad, which should be placed under the climber.

Warehouse Rock Gym requires all climbers to be lead climbing certified by a staff member. You must be at least 13 years old to belay. All climbers must don a harness to climb above 14 feet. Climbers are required mbt shoes outlet to wear climbing shoes and if you bring your own belay equipment it must be approved by the staff. Figure eight belay devices are prohibited. All climbers must sign a waiver, and climbers under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian's signature.

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