Innovative ways to store shoesAre your small New York closets incapable

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Innovative ways to store shoes

Are your small New York closets incapable of accommodating your love affair roger vivier store with shoes?

One of my proudest moments as an organizer is the session in which I helped a client reduce her designer roger vivier flats shoe collection from 75 pairs down to 50! Another is the stroke of inspiration that liberated a client shoe collection mbt outlet from the top of her closets into an unused bookcase with glass doors. Considering the dollar investment she had made mbt scarpe outlet in them and how beautiful they were, why not display them like works of art?

The Shoe Wheel has a footprint of approximately mbt shoes discontinued 29 inches by 13 inches, and holds 30 pairs of shoes. Slide your shoes into the expandable pockets, and simply mbt sandals rotate it to pick out the pair you want to wear The company also offers a shorter version, called the Shoe Pod, which is mbt boots only 10 inches tall and is suitable for mens shoes.

If your closet has too little floor space to accommodate the mbt uk Shoe Wheel or Shoe Pod, try the Shoe Organizing Bed Skirt. It fits under your dust ruffle and holds 18 pairs of shoes.

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