Inside the Running StorePlenty of American males boost their heart

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Inside the Running Store

Plenty of American males boost their heart rates by scurrying past the storefronts of specialty running retailers. It's as if you guys see a posted warning: Nonrunners will be greeted with cold stares and mild insults.

The reality is far different. Recreational running is no longer exclusive to Olympic medalists who think they own the road. The running stores themselves have worked hard to open the market to all breeds roger vivier pumps of fitness seeking customers.

"If we catered exclusively to the competitive distance runner, we wouldn't have a business," says Ray Pugsley, co owner of Potomac River Running, a nine store group serving metro Washington, DC. On a weekly basis, Pugsley (OK, he's a champion road racer don't hold it against him) meets and welcomes at least one dedicated nonrunner trying to get himself into shape.

"Often it's an ex athlete who sees a neighbor jogging roger vivier sale by and wonders if he could do that," Pugsley says. "When he comes in, we ask a series of questions, and usually we hear about back pain or old knee injuries. The guy is sure they're going to flare up if he tries running."

That's when all the biomechanical know how and product selection kicks in. "Being fit for the proper footwear and getting expert workout advice is the new customer's ticket to avoiding injury related pain," says Pugsley. "It's a very pleasant scarpe mbt surprise for them."

Sharp eyes on your feet

Sneaker sales are dominated by big box chains. Stores like the Track Shack in Orlando, Florida, ward off these giants through careful hiring and intense training of their staff. "The specialty store niche is actually growing," says Track Shack co owner Betsy Hughes, "because people need caring, individual attention which we provide. Also because we offer an entre to the social part of running and mbt chapa walking, which many fitness minded people thrive on."

You've bought so many pairs of kicks "off the rack," you probably couldn't imagine how much technology and subtlety go into the professional fitting of athletic shoes at a fine running store. The Boulder Running Company in Colorado helped pioneer the use of free video gait analysis now universally offered in the specialty stores.

Many runners and walkers overpronate, which occurs when the arch cheap mbt shoes is allowed to collapse excessively putting undue pressure on the knees, hips and shins so as to cause injury. Overpronation can be corrected with a supportive pair of shoes or over the counter orthotic device.

It's like when a shimmying car gets the right tires properly mounted and balanced.

"In a lot of cases," says Pugsley, "the customer can tell in three or four minutes that a serious biomechanical problem has been addressed. That's the beginning mbt shoes uk of a new confidence on the guy's part. He suddenly feels like he could get his body moving again."

Good health, good causes

Along with online and in store advice about everything from blisters, shin splints and bunions all the way to (get out your Physicians' Desk Reference) neuromas, iliotibial band syndrome and lesser toe deformities, Gazelle Sports in Kalamazoo, Michigan, lets you make an appointment to see a sports medicine doctor or physical mbt shoes for women therapist for free evaluations one night a week.

The deep connection between running stores and charitable fund raising adds to the camaraderie these merchants promote. For example, Run On! Dallas sponsors a 5K race called the St. Paddy's Day Dash Down Greenview, which has contributed over $250,000 to local charities since its inception. Every year at that event, there is running, walking, cash for a good cause and post race celebrating of the type you won't timberland nellie boots need any special training in.

Ah yes, walking rest assured it is completely ingrained in contemporary road workouts. Galloway has made a convincing case for walk breaks that are scheduled into the run, before fatigue might require them. "Runners train that way, they compete that way it's a very standard and legitimate part of workouts now," says Hughes. "When people new to running hear this, it seems to take a lot of self imposed pressure off."

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