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Insider Tips

Shower in them seriously.

"A lot of our guys wear their new shoes into the shower with them, so that when they dry, they take the mold of their feet," says Jay Martin, head men's soccer coach at Ohio Wesleyan University and editor of Soccer Journal. If you break in your shoes this way, be sure to wear them until they are almost dry, otherwise they won't stretch properly and take on the right shape. Might want to apologize to your downstairs neighbors in advance. Since you'll be cutting and moving laterally so much, the width of the shoe is just as important as length. Your roger vivier flats toes should reach the front of the shoe (but not touch), and the sides of your shoes should firmly cradle your feet.

Pamper your shoes and they'll pamper you back.

Shoes with a leather "upper" (basically everything above the sole) will need to be thoroughly cleaned and treated with leather balsam every few months. By keeping the leather nice and supple, you can prolong the life of your shoes and maintain the fit you know and love.

Time your purchase.

Walking makes your feet swell up to one whole shoe size, but the swelling goes down when you sleep. So what? mbt outlet Well, it's a good idea to buy soccer shoes or any type of shoes, for that matter in the afternoon or evening, after your feet are a bit plump. "This way, you won't end up getting shoes that are too small," says Kirkendall.

No, that's not a typo on the price tag.

Today's soccer shoes are incredibly high tech, with certain "ultralight" models costing as much as $400. The good news? For less than $100, you can get a high quality pair of soccer shoes that will perform just as well. "It's hard to beat the traditional soccer shoe with a leather upper and 14 molded studs," says Kirkendall.

Look mbt scarpe outlet for a logo.

When shopping for a soccer ball, examine the panels for a small blue logo and the words "FIFA Inspected" or "FIFA Approved.". Both classifications are tested for weight, circumference, roundness, bounce, water absorption and pressure, but "FIFA Approved" balls are fired against a steel plate 2,000 times at 50 kilometers per hour to ensure top notch quality. Non FIFA balls tend to have a heavy feel that makes them harder to control. "If the ball isn't at least 'FIFA Inspected,' chances are it won't stand up to the abuse you're going to dish out," says Kirkendall.

Take mbt shoes discontinued it for a test drive.

Most specialty soccer shops and many sporting goods stores have a small indoor field on site where customers can test out balls and shoes. Don't be afraid to bring your cleats (or wear the pair you are about to buy) to shoot, pass and trap a few different balls. Like cars, sometimes a certain soccer ball just feels right.

Use your head literally.

Don't forget to do a few practice headers while testing out soccer balls. The ball should feel fast and responsive when you bounce it off the top of your forehead.

Soccer may be a simple game, mbt sandals but the gear can still get pricey. To save a few bucks:

Look beyond leagues. With fees as high as $1,000 per team, leagues can be expensive. It's usually easy to get into loosely organized (and totally free) pickup games.

Split the cost of field accessories.

Why should you have to foot the bill (pun intended) for shared soccer equipment? If you play casually with the same group of guys every weekend, everyone should ante up for two soccer goals, a dozen practice bibs and some cones to mark off the field.

Only wear a brace if you have a history of ankle injuries.

Whenever mbt boots you play a sport that involves a lot of lateral movement, you risk an ankle injury but an ankle brace isn't necessarily the answer. "Wearing a brace can help prevent injuries if you have chronic ankle problems, but it hasn't been shown to prevent injury in people who don't have that history," says Paul Geisler, MD, director of athletice training and education at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York.

Don't tape your own ankles.

Pro soccer players have access to skilled trainers who can masterfully tape their ankles. You? You've got a twisted roll of athletic tape and (very mbt uk likely) no clue how to properly use it. "Stick to lace up braces if you have an ankle problem," warns Geisler. "It's too easy to cut off your circulation or cause blisters if you try to tape your ankles with no training."

Make sure you can stake it down securely.

If you need to purchase a freestanding soccer goal, be certain it can be staked down firmly and won't move when a ball hits the side posts or crossbar. There are two reasons for this.

The first is safety. You should never hang from the top crossbar, as many players have been killed or suffered serious head injuries after timberland roll top boots attempting to grab onto and hang from the crossbar on a heavy, freestanding goal frame, and having it tip over onto them. It's extremely tempting for players to try this, so staking down a net may offer at least a little protection against a tip over.

The second reason is purely for the game. As with basketball nets, soccer nets are designed to catch the ball and indicate a score. If your net isn't properly staked down, a blast that hits the side netting can look like a goal even though it was on the wrong side of the goal postgoalpost. And we don't want any controversy now, do we?

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