Install the Electronics: Light Up Shoes for Adults My sister said she

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Install the Electronics

: Light Up Shoes for Adults My sister said she was jealous of my daughter's flashing shoes. Start at the edges and work your way in. I carefully separated the fabric roger vivier outlet and foam from the backing board. I'm happy with the result and I have gotten a few requests for more from a few people.To let the lights shine through from the inside, I had to make holes in the side of the mbt shoes sale shoe. Because shoes like this often have grommets in the sides, I decided to add a few large ones to the sides, to reinforce the hole and prevent the fabric from fraying.Grommet kits come with everything mbt shoes for men you need to punch grommets. You just mark your location, put the die on the fabric and hit it with a hammer. The die will punch a clean hole (if you hit it hard enough). The grommet has 2 pieces, one shaped mbt mens shoes like a funnel and one like a washer. The funnel side will be the finished edge so it should come from the outside edge and the washer goes around the piece that pokes through on the inside. There are 2 mbt trainers pieces to the grommet riveting tool, one is just a back to hold the shape and the other will round over the long part inside to hold the pieces together. If you do it correctly, the grommet will look just mbt shoes outlet like one made in a factory.Once the new grommets were installed I worked on finishing the electronics. I cut one lead from each of the LEDs, slipped a piece of heat shrink tubing on each of the severed wires, timberland outlet and spliced the switch leads into the LED circuits. Because I used all green wires and I didn't think to mark them ahead of time, I had to use a multimeter to figure out which wires were which. I soldered timberland waterproof boots the switches into the circuits and heated the shrink tubing with a heat gun. Once the wires were all finished, I bunched the wires together and bundled them all together with some electrical tape.

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