How To Recycle Polythene BagsPolythene bags are also called poly bags

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How To Recycle Polythene Bags

Polythene bags are also called poly bags and are usually used as plastic shopping bags, resealable bags or black trash bags. Polythene bags are moisture resistant, tough and have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Some companies have recycled them to become handle bags, zipper bags, and even mbt shoes australia environmental friendly bags.

Polythene bags can be recycled and made into various products like new bags and other useful durable items like plastic lumber for waste receptacles, park benches, decking, and picnic tables. Most of the collected recycled plastic shopping bags are made into composite lumber boards.

Trash bags for kitchen mbt shoes usa clean ups. The skin peeling of fruits and vegetables can be tossed directly into a used polythene bag instead of the sink or a chopping board and thrown into the trash when done.

Hand protectors like gloves to hold messy food, things or trash. After picking up the mess, turn the plastic inside out and dispose in the trash.

Paint preservers scarpe mbt to keep used rollers and brushes from drying out. The brushes or rollers can be placed inside the bags and wrapped or tied with bands to keep it moist and the air out.

Shoe protectors tied over your shoes to keep your feet from leaving mud tracks in the house when you enter.

Fillers for planters by using crumpled plastic bags christian louboutin wedding shoes to fill up large pots that are too deep for your plants. Less soil is needed since the plastic packs most of the space and it also becomes easier to move the big pots since it is lighter.

Wrapping for gifts. Choose the most colorful bags with designs, and wrap your gift with at least three bags. Tie the handles in a knot, cut the top loops christian louboutin outlet and fan out the top to make a flower design.

Umbrella holders used to prevent water from dripping on the carpet or floor when you enter a house or building after coming from the rain.

Some companies like Bayard Packaging Ltd recycle polythene bags and sacks collected from various sources. For as long as the plastic you supply is made christian louboutin clearance from polythene, and not other materials like nylon, polypropylene, cellophane, or other plastics, the company accepts the material for recycling.

You can just place the polythene bag to be recycled in an envelope and sent them to the company. The company requires that the polythene bags sent have no tape, paper, or food remnants for the bags christian louboutin pigalle 120 to be accepted for recycling.

Exporters and large supermarkets that collect used plastic polythene plastic shopping bags, resealable bags, and handle bags from customers send the collected waste materials for recycling to a reprocessor in the United Kingdom. The plastic materials are separated into two kinds: clean plastic bags that may have cheap christian louboutin been used as shrink wrap in transportation packaging, and the dirty plastics used as carrier bags, that may have been contaminated with black inks, sweet wrappers, and till receipts. The clean plastic materials are recycled into refuse sacks and the dirty plastic materials turned into damp proof large course materials for construction building.

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