Investor angst continues over Buffett successionYou might notice something

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Investor angst continues over Buffett succession

You might notice something odd Immelt mbt shoes usa and Ballmer both took over in the year 2000. At the time, GE was trading around $55 per share or mbt online about 50X trailing earnings and Microsoft was trading around $40 per share also about 50X trailing mbt footwear earnings.

Of course, the article makes NO MENTION of this fact what a joke.

Truly mbt kisumu atrocious financial reporting, Reuters.

No one knows how long Warren Buffett will continue, cheap timberland boots Vice Chairman, Charley Munger, is 90 years old and still active. Buffett's father lived into his 90's cheap timberland boots for men so all the young MBA's (I have one also) will just have to wait for a shot at the title. In this business, pink timberland boots experience matters and hang the books, though Mr. Holding his succession plan close to the vest casque beats pro is a wise move. And maybe Jamie Dimon will take up Buffett's offer to come work for BRK A/B.

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