Is Foot Pain Slowing You Down"It felt like the muscles on the bottoms

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Is Foot Pain Slowing You Down

"It felt like the muscles on the bottoms of my feet were being ripped apart with each step," says Laura March, a Weight Watchers member in New York. She developed extreme heel pain from walking the streets of Florence in slip on shoes during a semester abroad. What she was experiencing was plantar fasciitis (fa shee EYE tiss), a foot condition that affects nearly mbt shoes outlet 2.5 million Americans each year and can come on gradually or start suddenly, sometimes for no apparent reason.

"We really can't predict who will get plantar fasciitis," says Lynn Millar, PhD, professor of physical therapy at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. "It occurs more with people who run and do lots of things on their feet, but can develop suddenly, too." The condition is one of timberland outlet the most common orthopedic complaints relating to the foot.

The plantar fascia is a dense band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot, connecting the heel to the toes, cushioning the foot and helping to support the arch. When it is injured or irritated, it becomes inflamed, leading to sharp pain in your heel and arch.

The true hallmark of plantar fasciitis (PF) says Millar, "is timberland waterproof boots feeling okay when you go to bed, but your first step out of bed in the morning is excruciating." The sharp, knife like pain generally decreases once your foot limbers up.

What causes plantar fasciitis?Long distance runners and heavy exercisers are more likely to develop PF, but jogging, walking, aerobics or even stair climbing can also stress the heel bone and the surrounding tissue.

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Shoes that have thin soles or poor arch support cannot protect your feet properly. Exercise is good for you, in that it creates strong muscles, but these muscles can also be inflexible, says David Davidson, MD, DPM and vice president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Being overweight has also been found to increase the likelihood of beats by dre pas cher PF in several recent studies. Age, pregnancy and some types of arthritis can affect the fascia, ligaments and tendons of the feet and lead to PF. And although doctors don't know the reason, people with diabetes are more prone to develop PF.

Do you need to stop exercising?

Sandi Scrimgeour, an avid competitive cyclist and runner from Prescott, Ariz., wouldn't dream of it. "I maintained my casque beats mixr swimming and cycling schedule to stay fit," she says. Her doctor also advised her to try running in water with a float belt for a good non impact workout.

Millar says exercises that put more stress on the plantar fascia are running and walking. "Don't put it off," she cautions, "or it can become chronic and much harder to treat." Stretching your calf muscles in the morning and after sitting for long casque beats solo periods of time is a good habit to practice.

When March returned home from her semester abroad, she visited an orthopedic doctor who taped up her foot, fitted her for orthotics and referred her to a physical therapist. The therapist taught March a simple exercise: rolling a golf ball under her foot while sitting down. "It released the tension in the right spots while allowing me to control the casque audio pas cher pressure," she says. March's doctor advised her to cut back on physical activity and the pain dissipated after five months. She now relies on sturdy sneakers for walking the city streets.

Other at home measures:

Ice (for first 24 hours)

If you have pain for more than a month, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) suggests you visit a podiatrist. Your doctor may suggest:

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