Is it common for Americans to not take their shoes off when entering a houseb)

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Is it common for Americans to not take their shoes off when entering a house

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Actually we do have the word hall used for the entrance room in British English.

It was explained this way on a TV history of architecture show

The use of hall in English (meaning the corridor/room you enter timberland outlet online upon opening the front door) stems from the original one room halls of antiquity, the large room with a big fire where important people held court. back then people slept and cooked over the fire within the hall. Over time the cooking and sleeping moved to rooms attached to the hall and additional rooms (storage, family rooms, guest rooms etc.) were added and the size of the hall itself shrunk to the small halls we know today. One of nods to of the original hall in the British homes are tables narrow but generally sturdy, quality tables within the hall which is related to how important the grand tables were in antiquity. Some larger houses would (until about WW1) would be built with a fireplace, often impressive but as time went by the fireplaces became white timberland boots less grand, then became purely ornamental and then were no longer added to houses being built.

I assume it would have been a similar progression in Scandinavia.

I also from the south, and I hardly ever see people take their shoes off in a guest home. I think it has much, much to do with the southern nature of being proper. We very big on our manners and on being polite, and on being put together. The "hillbilly" thing is a big stereotype, but most of us don run around barefoot, in overalls, chewing a piece of straw. It more like Gone With The Wind, or Steel Magnolias (for a more modern example). We big on our etiquette, and we old fashioned. Men hold doors open for ladies, ladies wear giant hats to church, everybody is nice and courteous beats pas cher to each other most of the time. A lot of these traditions are going out with the younger generations, but you find that most everybody down here over age 50 or so follow these outlines to a tee.

There no specific regarding the removal (or non removal of shoes) in a southern home, but the reasoning makes sense to those of us familiar with the people:

Taking your shoes off in a guest home is too familiar for a polite society. We would see it as disrespectful to the host to make ourselves that much at home without being asked.

And even if asked. many southerners (moreso if older, but then some younger people will have picked this up from their parents) might still be incomfortable removing shoes, because being barefoot would casque beats by dre make them feel like they underdressed. It not and it makes us feel like we are rednecks.

I add that most of us probably take our shoes off in our own homes (it the first thing I do when I get home, because fuck shoes), but we may feel compelled to put them back on if we receiving guests. Again, it just being proper.

I live in the midwest, not the south. And I can tell you only about 1 in 5 homes I been in has a "no shoe" expectation. 80% of the time you just leave your shoes on unless asked. If asked, you take them off. No problem. But their are many older people too who find it disrespectful to treat someone else home like your own. The mere act of taking off your shoes shows you are kicking back and relaxing and letting your sweaty casque monster beats feet out of your shoes. In a stranger home it is not seen as proper unless you are asked to do so (or if the weather is bad and your shoes are dirty). A good comparison for this attitude is, that to these people, it is similar to treating yourself to the contents of their fridge without asking first. It just rude to come in and make yourself at home like that without being asked. Also much of the different climates don cause your shoes to get dirty much at all, and when it hot and dry outside, fairly clean shoes on your floors is preferable to a bunch of stinky sweaty feet from a bunch of strangers stinking up your home. That being said, if it rainy or snowy, shoes will most definitely coming off because they are definitely dirty.

Different casque beats solo hd areas and cultures find different things rude. It not insane, and there are reasons behind it. Some people find taking shoes off rude on a familiarity/intimacy level (How dare you take off your shoes in my home as if this were your own home, at least without asking first. Were you raised in a barn?). Some people find it rude to not take off your shoes on a practical level (I don care how well I know you or not, no one wears shoes in the house since they can get my carpet dirty. Were you raised in a barn?).

Lesson learned: Always ask your guests to remove their shoes if you prefer your home shoe free. And always ask when you enter someone else home if they prefer you to remove theirs. Especially if travelling to different areas of the country.

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