Is it OK to wear Hose or Tights with Sandals or OpenQuestion: Is it

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Is it OK to wear Hose or Tights with Sandals or Open

Question: Is it OK to wear Hose or Tights with Sandals or Open Toed Shoes?

Is it okay to wear hose, tights or stockings with dressy sandals or open toed shoes?

Answer: mbt kisumu A year or two ago, most people would have answered this question with a simple "no." But even before the runways starting filling up with black tights and open toes, that would have been a very unrealistic answer cheap timberland boots for a lot of women.

One of the reasons people have resisted the idea of wearing nylons and open toed shoes is that hose have a tendency to get bunched at the toes. Since the whole point to strappy sandals is to show off cheap timberland boots for men your feet, you don't want to call attention to an unattractive attribute (such as bunchy nylon toes).

But for a lot of women, the shunning of hosiery presents a bit of a fashion dilemma.

Many women are not comfortable pink timberland boots with the "bare leg" look, and I don't believe they should be denied sexy, strappy shoes. If you want to wear opened toed shoes with hose or stockings, do it and wear them proudly.

The recent slew of celebrities in black casque beats pro tights and open toes, after years of a "bare legs or bust" attitude, is just further proof that most "rules" of the fashion world are merely passing trends.

For a winning combination, you just need pair what makes you comfortable casques beats with a healthy dose of confidence and maybe save the hose with reinforced toes for close toed shoes.

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