Is Lady Gaga NutsLady Gaga was giving a live web interview yesterday

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Is Lady Gaga Nuts

Lady Gaga was giving a live web interview yesterday and was caught by the paparazzi (you know how much she loves the Paparazzi) timberland nellie boots walking out in these heel less platform shoes. They look like a hooves (or hoofs, Merriam Webster says that either is correct) Is she a horse? A goat? Does timberland earthkeeper chukka she need to go to a blacksmith to get the shoes re shoed?

Can you imagine her walking. catch your balance. clomp clomp clomp. I have never seen anything timberland boots outlet like it. What is she thinking? Perhaps she isn't thinking, as the rumor mill says that she has asked her handlers to "clear the O2 Arena of 'spirits' before casque bluetooth her upcoming concert there this week." What spirits is she speaking of? The spirit of Tom Cruise? (who butchered a Black Eyed Peas song this past weekend) beat by dre If I were her, I might be more concerned about being mistaken for livestock and being sent to the 'butcher' herself.

Would you ever wear a pair of shoes casque beats prix like this? On purpose?LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM Sunday May 30 2010. Lady Gaga teeters out of a north London studio on some heel less platforms after taping casque beats bluetooth a live web interview. Carrying a stunning studded Hermes Birkin bag. The eclectic singer has reportedly asked her team to carry out spirit seeking sweeps of beats detox venues on her current tour. The 23 year old singer will apparently have London's O2 arena checked for spiritis ahead of her gig at the venue Sunday evening.

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