Is Sarah Palin America's Baghdad BobI never written or cared much about

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Is Sarah Palin America's Baghdad Bob

I never written or cared much about Sarah Palin. Even though her pattern of endorsements indicates she running for president, she is basically unelectable. So who cares? But her recent timberland outlet online twitter offensive blaming for the Gulf oil spill this, an attempt to defend her signature line Baby, Drill! got me thinking about how much she reminded me of another public figure.

You may not remember the name Mohammed Saeed al Sahhaf, white timberland boots but I betting you remember "Baghdad Bob." Who can forget the iconic CNN footage of the Iraqi government spokesperson standing on a roof in Baghdad saying, "There are no American infidels in Baghdad! Never!"? All the while, bombs exploded beats pas cher on camera even causing him to check his back at least once.

Once we got to know Baghdad Bob, he amused us with dozens of other pronouncements including, will welcome them with bullets and shoes, and triple guarantee you, there casque beats by dre are no American soldiers in Baghdad. Baghdad Bob career as Iraqi Minister of Ridiculousness can best be summed up by another of his quotes, is forbidden in Iraq. President Saddam Hussein will tolerate nothing but truthfulness as he is casque monster beats a man of great honor and integrity. here, we have Sarah Palin.

Outside of Alaska, political junkies first heard of Wasilla Sarah when she flogged the famous to Nowhere like a wet sled dog. Later, most everyone else met her when she casque beats solo hd was tapped by former maverick (and now never was) John McCain to be his VP running mate. Looking back at video of that announcement, it becomes clear that baby Trig and his blanket were being used as props to cover up the baby inside daughter ecouteur bluetooth Bristol.

Soon after, we all learned that Palin as she claimed it the Congress but no thanks on that to Nowhere In now characteristic deception, though, she really only changed her position after Congress told her but no thanks. And casque beats studio we learned that Bristol, a product of abstinence only education, had been pregnant for some time. The baby turned out to be the product of a union with a boy who be hunting. I admit I can see why. Mom kind of a, well, you know.

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