Is there any compelling reason not to ride SPD shoes on the road3)

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Is there any compelling reason not to ride SPD shoes on the road

3) The fact that she can walk in them will make her more confident. If she slams a foot down in the garage to stay up, on road shoes, that can mean you going down ice skating effect. On a MTB shoe, she be fine.

And really, cornering clearance for a beginner? Moot point. Heavy? Again, casque beats moot point. I compared the highest end available look pedal to the highest end available single sided SPD. I picked the higher end pedals specifically because it would favor SPD I was initially going to do entry level one sided SPD, entry level look; I changed my mind when I saw the weights on these monsters.

The shoe thing is odd. The Furys are considered ecouteur beats lightweight MTB shoes I checked the weight on the S Works Evo shoe, just to see if something was amiss. They weigh 370g (740pr) each as well. Not sure why MTB shoes are so consistent in weight across price range, I guessing more aggressive, bigger treads?

While I agree mathematically re: the weight, I don agree from a riding perspective. While 1400g and casque beats studio 1700g wheels are going to result in you having about the same speed over any given course, the feeling you get when you chop off 300g is massive. It not faster, but my god does it feel good! Obviously, you won feel that as much somewhere away from the wheels, but you still feel it. Especially since I use my road bike for commuting as well since I can bring it in my office, casque audio beats I don have a bike just for fairweather and centuries or crits.

Mountain style is so much easier to get in and out of and unless you hammering away out of the pedal uphill for 6 hours, sole stiffness and hotspots aren really an issue any more than they would be with road pedals. Crank Bros makes little plates that act as a gasket between the cleat and sole casque sans fil to add stiffness too, I haven used them however.

If you live where it rains and snows, mountain shoes are so much easier for walking around too, especially carrying a bike up and down stairs. I slid down so many wooden stairs during Chicago winters its ridiculous.

Also lets say you ride your bike to work and you forget your regular shoes. Walking around ecouteurs beats is going to be terrible with look style. The other day I rode to work, forgot my shoes and then had to pick up my wifes car and dog from her office, so I decided to take him to the dog park, but again all I had were my road shoes.

Road shoes are like most road components highly specialized and marketed for racing. Not very practical.

What matters beats pas cher is in the legs and the blood. The weight differences we talking about here could easily be more than the contents of my bladder, and the losses due to sole stiffness? Tuck your head down an extra inch at 23mph, and you just made up the difference.

My SPDs never pull out, and I reasonably sure I can sprint with >1800W for short bursts or, how perhaps more relevant casque beats bluetooth than watts is raw torque, many racer guys here squat >275lb? I do.

Also: platform/power transfer. This is bunk. I owned speedplays, spd, crank brothers and noticed zero difference. This is marketing between pedal manufacturers.

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