is there some sort of issue withYeah, I mean, yeah, but Kanye is respected

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is there some sort of issue with

Yeah, I mean, yeah, but Kanye is respected by most for pushing fashion styles in an avant garde sense. I mean, he wore that Givenchy skirt and that got people talking, and most people thought beats pas cher it looked dope (at least those within the subcultures that look at that sort of fashion).

I sure it got some hate from the (UNWASHED PLEBIAN) masses but he was recognized by most for doing something that looked good (again, casque beats by dre by the majority).

Fashion is not/can not exist in a vacuum, it has to have some sort of following to be considered fashion. One guy wearing an impeccably fitted suit on a planet of dudes in baggy sweats is probably not fashionable casque monster beats (to use an extreme example).

To bring it back to skater shoes, I think that they have a stigma of being used by people who really don care about fashion. I can harbor a safe bet that most of the people on MFA who were casque beats solo hd in middle school around the peak of Skater Shoe Domination (about, what, 2000? to like, 2006?) probably owned some Etnies or DC or whatever. They still incredibly common.

And, imo, they look like ass. They chunky, unrefined, ecouteur bluetooth and overdetailed. Other shoes that are commonly perceived as (like the NB classics, many classic Nikes, etc) have the good qualities of that era of sneakers (chunky soles, soft uppers, wide laces) without many of the perceived bad qualities casque beats studio (soles that are a uniform height, overdetailing on the toeboxes, bad quality construction, hideous overbranding).

Yeah, fashion is all really in the head. But in order to appraise fashion in a general sense you have to casque beats take into account the opinions of the majority. The majority thinks that skate shoes (of that era/style) look pretty dumb. If you can pull together an inspo album of them, I think that be interesting, but I honestly don think it could casque beats solo hd be done. Too many types wear those shoes, I can think of anyone who has done skate shoes in a way.

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