Italian Men's Dress ShoesOnly the most discriminating tastes know that

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Italian Men's Dress Shoes

Only the most discriminating tastes know that Italian dress shoes are the best made shoes on Earth. Here's why: Italians are traditional when it comes to fine leather footwear. Rather than using a machine to produce hundreds of shoes per hour, the Italians still use the old fashioned tanning method and sew their shoes by hand. Worldwide, men will pay top dollar for the workmanship and care that goes in to fine, Italian men's dress shoes. My husband is originally from New York. When asked why he preferred casque beats by dre Italian shoes, he said, "No other shoe compares to Italian made shoes. It's better than being barefoot." Due to the quality, Italian made shoes are available in most sizes and wide widths. They may also be custom made. All of the vendors mentioned in this article ship worldwide. Who's Who in Shoes

Varda Italian shoes and boots are found on the feet of fashionable men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Jordan for starters. Varda is exclusive only to New York and has three locations; two in Soho and one Uptown. Prices casque monster beats range from $495 to $795 for shoes and boots. Of course, Varda also has a website that is listed at the end of this article.

Even today's top dogs are caught being "Metrosexual". McCain's calfskin loafers with a silver "Gancini" buckle were naturally, imported from Italy. Ferragamo is worldwide; in the United States he is nationwide in stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and of course, Saks Fifth Avenue. In Boston, there's a Ferragamo store in Copley Place; Dallas, North Park Center; and in almost every other state. Check out casque beats solo hd the website.

The Proper Time for Italian Shoes

Anytime. Clich? Perhaps not. Fine, crafted Italian leather shoes are the epitome of good foot care. Nothing ruins one's feet more quickly than a bad pair of shoes and good shoes are one of the hallmarks of self respect. Can't afford men's Italian shoes? Think again. Many websites offer clearance deals or at least a darned good sale. Check out the websites at the end of the article.

Men do look at shoes. Most commonly, the everyday guy will be found in fine Italian footwear at ecouteur bluetooth his friend's or his own wedding, a funeral, or a one time, conspicuous consumption event. Men will also wear handmade Italian leather when they want to impress: such as at the job interview. (Try applying for a job on Wall Street in anything less; it will be your competitor in Italian shoes who gets the job, because men do look at shoes.)

A Trip to Italy

If planning a trip to Italy, it would be sacrilege to come home without a pair of handmade, authentic Italian shoes. However, if you are not planning a trip to Europe soon, Italian casque beats studio shoes are widely available worldwide and of course, on the internet. Busy people who prefer online shopping can check out Aventura the art of Footwear Shoes. The prices are very affordable starting from $70! They feature designer names like Bacco Bucci, Roberto Guerrini and Aldo Brue. In addition to the wide selection of men's Italian made shoes Aventura offers accessories, too such as belts, wallets and travel satchels.

Got Money?

If luxury is imperative and money is no object, then Moreschi is the best choice. Animal lovers casque beats may cringe that all of Moreschi's products are made from the finest leathers, crocodile, ostrich and alligator contributors. Consider the 'Esquire' style in the Exotics section. This unequaled driver (crocodile) with braided tie and a rubber island sole sells for just $1,800. (That's more than some celebrities spend according to US Weekly.)

If looking to save a few bucks with Moreschi, the slipper section sports its finest at $245 and also offers some 'Casuals' in about the $500 range. All of these fine shoes, boots, exotics, and slippers casque beats solo hd and more are available in sizes 7 14. Invest in one pair of Italian dress shoes and never turn back. And ladies, if your man is the type to appreciate fine footwear, why not surprise him this year? Italian shoes are the perfect gift for the hard to shop for man in your life, or maybe for the well deserving, hard working bread winner. Show him photos and see which ones he comments on. Remember, when spending in this arena, all sales are satisfaction guaranteed.

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