How to Remove Bad Odors from Tennis ShoesIf you play sports, or if

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How to Remove Bad Odors from Tennis Shoes

If you play sports, or if your children do, you've probably found yourself faced with foul smelling tennis mbt sale shoes at some point. Sweaty feet enclosed in sneakers can produce quite an odor. Feet have many sweat glands and when feet sweat inside shoes, the sweat cannot louboutin outlet evaporate. Of course, exercise increases sweating. The sweat combines with bacteria to produce a bad odor. Fortunately, smelly tennis shoes can usually be saved christian louboutin boots with a few simple steps that remove the odor.

Things You NeedBaking sodaSprinkle baking soda liberally inside the smelly shoes. Let the shoes sit for louboutin outlet uk several hours or overnight. Shake out excess baking soda before putting on the shoes.

Step Three

Wash tennis shoes only if the above steps do not christian louboutin wedding shoes eliminate the bad odor. Fill your washing machine with cold water, add detergent, and let tennis shoes soak for 30 minutes. Then wash them on a regular cycle. louboutin outlet uk made from cotton or other natural fibers will work best for preventing smelly shoes.

Many experts recommend not wearing the same pair of shoes every day. If christian louboutin clearance your favorite footwear is tennis shoes, buy a second pair and wear them on alternate days.

I am a former social worker and in that capacity, worked with louboutin sale outlet teens and their families to address issues like domestic violence and school violence. My work has. If you do your shoes can come out warped or even ruined.

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