How to remove scuffs from leather shoesYou know that thing your dad

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How to remove scuffs from leather shoes

You know that thing your dad was supposed to teach you but never did?This is where you may learn a ton of interesting things, that will help you every day. If you have some knowledge your dad or father figure taught you, throw it up here.More info about submission contentPosts with something every man should know should begin with EMSK:Posts with a request for something that you need to know to be a man should begin with EMSKR:If you using a suede or rough type of shoe, your best bet is to use a brush and christian louboutin sneakers leather cleaner. Beyond that, i can really say.If you wearing a brown polished shoe, follow the below black shoe polishing instructions, only use kiwi brown followed by kiwi clear.For black shoes, you need the a polish applicator (sometimes foam, but the better ones are the same as the bristlebrush only round and with a handle), a soft bristled brush ( most likely horsehair, sometimes badger), a soft cotton rag (an old t shirt will do in most cases), a lighter, water, and a can of kiwi polish (i prefer to use standard black, then follow it up with black parade christian louboutin pigalle gloss)First, apply a rough coat of polish to the shoe. To do this, first open the can by twisting the little silver tab on the side of the polish. The first time i polished boots, i spent too long trying to pry the can open with my fingers, not realizing that the tab rotates to lever off the lid.After you removed the lid, check to ensure that your polish hasn dried out. If it dry, it will have cracks and look like it peeling away from the side of the can. Shoe polish should have a waxy texture and easily stick to (stain) your finger if you run it gently along christian louboutin sale the surface.Take your applicator and run it along the polish, circling the outside. This isn necessary, but the center of the polish is always the first to wear through, so this will keep it even.Use the applicator and coat the shoe with a thin layer of polish. It should be in fairly uniform streaks across the surface. Try not to leave clumps, as they will get knocked off in the next step, and will likely stain whatever surface they land upon.Take the soft bristle brush and grasp it with the long side along your fingers, and the opposite side held against the heel christian louboutin outlet of your hand. Place your weak hand into the shoe and hold it up. Now briskly "scrub" the shoe with the brush, using your elbow and forearm as the pivoting point, not the wrist. Stroke quickly and lightly. If your bristles are splaying themselves outward, you probably pressing too hard.You can repeat the above for a quick shine and buff. If you want to get a much nicer shine, continue with the following.Once you completed the brush shine, open up your can of polish (for this step, i switch to parade gloss, but you can continue using regular black) and hold the christian louboutin discount lighter above the surface until you got a small puddle of black wax. Once it liquified enough, you can use the lighter to ignite it. Have the lid ready to extinguish the flame once it catches.Extinguish the flame and remove the lid. You have a little bit of smoke, and a liquid puddle of polish. Take your rag and hold up two fingers of your strong hand. Place the rag over your fingers and twist the remaining cloth around your hand, then hold it taut with your ring and pinkie fingers.Apply your rag clad fingers to the puddle of polish (yes, it be very warm) and christian louboutin pigalle soak up a small amount. Apply this to your shoe in small circles, once again trying to avoid clumps and maintaining a uniform application.Now, take your two finger cloth and remove it, placing a clean portion over your fingers and re wrapping it. Take a small amount of water (a tablespoon will be plenty) and pour it into the lid of the polish.Now dip your cloth fingers into the water and moisten the cloth. You will now apply water to the unbrushed melted polish on your shoe. Take care to use very small circles, and very gentle pressure. Too much pressure and christian louboutin pigalle 120 you simply rub off the polish. Too little pressure and you won shine the wax.After you done this once, you can repeat again with more water or you can remove the cloth fingers and rewrap them a third time on a clean patch. This time, instead of applying melted polish or water, you simply breath onto the shoe and polish. Breathe onto the shoe as though you were fogging up a window, then circle with the cloth.He also has pictures of the method i described above. The link is part of the above.This might seem like a lot of work, but once you figured out how to do it, christian louboutin black pumps you can easily complete a set of shoes in 5 minutes. Now, once you got a good polish on, you start to see where you scuffing your shoes and can take the steps to avoid further scuffs. When i was active duty, the majority of my scuffs would be on the insides by my heels, from clicking my shoes together during parade and drill. When i started wearing dress shoes in an office setting, the majority of my scuffs were on the toes, where i would cross my feet under the desk. Once you figure out where you getting your scuffs, you can recognize how to avoid them.

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