How to Repair an RV Rubber RoofRepair the damaged surfaces. Apply EternaBond

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How to Repair an RV Rubber Roof

Repair the damaged surfaces. Apply EternaBond tape to damaged louboutin outlet uk areas. EternaBond forms an instant and permanent waterproof seal. Cut off a piece of EternaBond tape sized christian louboutin wedding shoes slightly larger than the damaged area. To apply the EternaBond, remove 1 inch of the backing from one edge louboutin outlet uk of the tape to expose the adhesive. Press the edge of the tape, adhesive side down, on the edge of area of roof christian louboutin clearance damage. Slowly peel off the more of the tape backing, while simultaneously pressing the tape down over the louboutin sale outlet roof. It is important to work slowly to avoid mistakes. EternaBond adhesive is so strong that once it is christian louboutin sale uk applied, it cannot be removed.

Repair bubbles or creases in EternaBond tape that results from improper rent christian louboutin application on the roof by piercing the bubble or crease with a sewing needle to release the air and smooth mulberry bags sale down the tape. Cut large creases using a utility knife to release the air and smooth down the tape.

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