How to Save Money by Making Shoes Last LongerOr even once a week in

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How to Save Money by Making Shoes Last Longer

Or even once a week in some cases. You do. If you find a pair of shoes you really like, plunk down the cash to buy a matching pair. Then alternate between them every day. This will double the life span of each christian louboutin wedding shoes pair, thus allowing you to enjoy the shoes you love far longer.

Water and Leather Don't Mix

Leather shoes are beautiful and comfortable. But they are also prone to ugly water stains. You can avoid this situation by moistening a piece of cloth with christian louboutin london a solution of vinegar and water and rubbing the cloth over the water stains. In most cases, your leather will look brand new again.

Neither do Water and Suede

Water stains can look even worse on a pair of suede shoes. Do not try the water and vinegar solution christian louboutin sale as that will likely only make things worse. Believe it nor, but a simple nail file may be the answer. Try lightly filing the stains away from suede.

Grass Stains

Shoes made of canvas are subject to grass stains and while the type of shoes that mulberry outlet are subject to grass stains may not necessarily be those you really care all that much about keeping clean, the solution for doing so is simple. Put them on the top rack of your dishwasher. Yes, that's right: the dishwasher. You don't want to try this on your expensive mulberry factory shop leather shoes, of course, but for most sneakers it's a snap. Situate yourself in a well ventilated area far away from open flames and apply the lighter fluid to the areas of the shoe that have attracted any kind of tar. Work the fluid in and let it set for a while and mulberry handbags outlet then buff with a heavy brush.

Urine Leather Trouble

Usually, urine stains are caused by pets, but this will work just as well on less common urine problems. Fresh urine stains on leather shoes should be immediately attacked with warm water and the buffed mulberry york outlet and polished after drying. If the urine has had time to dry into the leather, first wipe with a damp cloth in order to bring for the salt in the urine to the surface. The you will need to buy a commercial product that is manufactured specifically for the purpose mulberry handbag sale of getting rid of the salt stains. Timothy has published two novels and contributed chapters to S. Here's how to clean your suede shoes and boots at home. How to Take Care of ShoesYou can make your shoes last longer and look better with some simple maintenance.

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