How to Save Shoes from Water DamageWhether you get caught in a downpour

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How to Save Shoes from Water Damage

Whether you get caught in a downpour or a three year old throws your favorite shoes into a swimming pool, at some point your shoes will have water damage. The important thing is to know how to save your shoes from water damage. It can be done.

Take these easy louboutin pigalle steps and you have a great shot at making sure your favorite pair of boots or loafers live to walk another day.

1. Cleaning the Insoles of Shoes Damaged by WaterThe first thing you want to do when your shoes have water damage is to remove the insoles (assuming your shoes have removable insoles). If you christian louboutin boots think they can take a spin in the washing machine then give it a shot, but if they're just wet, hang dry them in the laundry room. Never put them in the dryer though. We don't want any direct heat on any part of the shoes.

2. Removing Dirt and Mud from Water Damaged ShoesThe next thing you need to do is to louboutin wedding shoes remove any dirt or mud. Take a stiff brush and clean everything off of them. If it's mud, you might have to dab and then wipe them down with a rag first, and then really use the brush to get inside of the nooks and crannies. Especially where the leather meets the sole. That is a prime area that dirt and residue will mulberry outlet online gather.

3. Dry Soaked Shoes with a NewspaperAfter you have them somewhat free of any dirt or grime, get a newspaper. Wad up smaller pieces and then stuff your shoes full. Yes, even use the sports page don't be bashful. The newspaper will draw out any moisture in your shoes and attempt to save them. Again, mulberry outlet store we don't want any direct heat on any part of the shoe so don't put them over a heater or in the dryer. It will dry out the leather and lead to cracking and ruin the shoe.

Now, have a little patience and let your shoes dry on their own they'll be good as new in no time. If you have sneakers that are really mulberry satchel dirty and nothing else works, I've been known to throw them in the washing machine for a spin. I figure a good pair of running shoes has one good wash in them.

If you have nice leather or suede shoes, make sure you are protecting them with a suede or leather spray before going out into any harsh weather. That mulberry bag outlet will make cleaning and getting them back to normal a snap.

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