How to Select a Girl's Bicycle Frame SizeDetermine which type of bike

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How to Select a Girl's Bicycle Frame Size

Determine which type of bike you're interested in. An ideal fit will christian louboutin pigalle vary slightly depending on whether the bicycle is a road or a mountain bike model. In either case, while wearing your cycling shoes, christian louboutin pigalle 120 stand over of the bike at its midsection. If using a road bike, note whether the top tube is traditional or sloping. A traditional christian louboutin black pumps tube will run parallel with the ground, while a sloping tube will slant toward the ground. If the tube is traditional, mulberry sale there should be about 1" clearance between the tube and your groin. If the tube is sloping, around 2" of clearance is normal. If mulberry outlet york there is not enough clearance, the bike is too large. If there is too much clearance, the bike may be too small. The vast majority mulberry daria of mountain bikes today feature sloping top tube technology. Once again, while standing over the bike, check the clearance mulberry handbag outlet between the tube and the groin. Lift the bike toward the groin. Is there approximately 2" of clearance between the tire and cheap christian louboutin shoes the ground? If the bike includes suspension, consider slightly less clearance, as the suspension will contract when under load.

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