How to Sell Old Socks and Shoes on eBayBefore you throw away your used

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How to Sell Old Socks and Shoes on eBay

Before you throw away your used shoes or old dirty socks you may want to think twice. Did you know that people are actually selling their shoes and socks on eBay. If you log onto eBay and type in the words dirty socks or old shoes you will be surprised at what you will find. Almost every day there mulberry bags sale are dozens of auctions on eBay of people selling their used socks.

OK, you may be asking yourself why would someone want to buy used socks or shoes. To be honest the people usually buying these items are involved in a sexual fetish. Apparently men and women, mostly men, get highly aroused by smelling and playing with old socks and shoes.

Before mulberry handbags sale you post your socks or shoes on eBay there are strict guidelines that eBay has in place. Here is a listing of some of the things you must do and directions you must follow if you plan on selling these items on the auction website:1. Extraneous information is not allowed in the general category.

2. You may make NO references mulberry lily to the seller, previous owner, or image model in your description. Avoid the personal pronouns I, me, you, your, her, his, we, our, etc. This includes referring customers to the seller's ME page.

3. You may make NO references to the item's scent or any stains that it may have.

Images of Item

1. Images of the item up for cheap mulberry bags bid must be of the item up for bid.

2. This means they must be pictures of the item, not of the model.

3. They must be pictures that only display from BELOW THE KNEE. This does not mean inch above the knee to show that they are knee high. It means BELOW THE KNEE, even if it cuts off a large portion of the item up for bid. This also louboutin shoes outlet means that any part of the knee or even the back of the knee cannot be pictured. Crop it! NOTHING ABOVE THE KNEE MUST SHOW!

The Actual Item

1. Items of used clothing must be washed according to the manufacturer's instructions. I'd suggest putting a note in your description that states that the used item will be washed before shipping.

2. You christian louboutin outlet may not sell previously worn undergarments on eBay. Even though some people refer to full length pantyhose as "stockings", they are not allowed on eBay.

When selling old shoes and socks on Ebay you may want to make the auction private. People who are buying these items are usually very secretive and do not want anybody to roger vivier shoes find out what is going on.

As long as you follow the guidelines set out by Ebay you could sell something you planned on throwing away and actually make money doing so.

Source: Ebay

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